Monday, June 25, 2007

Web 2.0 at WebSphere Portal Technical Conference 2007

For the next release of WebSphere Portal, we are working on on exciting new Web 2.0 function, including AJAX based client side aggregation, navigation and customization, AJAX based feed aggregation, AJAX proxy capability, support of semantic tags and semantic tag based context menus, Atom/APP based access to portal data and portlet programming model extensions to allow easy access to portal data exposed via Atom/APP from JavaScript embedded in portlet markup.

Apart from the new Web 2.0 technology added to WebSphere Portal, Lotus has Web 2.0 applications under development for collaboration and social networking: Lotus Quickr and Lotus Connections which can both be integrated with WebSphere Portal. This allows to use the portal as a central entry point providing the right content, information, processes and applications to the right people at the right time and links to and integrates with the collaboration and social networking capabilities provoided by Lotus Quickr and Lotus Connections.

These new Web 2.0 capabilities will be featured in presentations at the WebSphere Portal Technical Conference 2007 in Munich, from September 10th-12th.

The event focuses on WebSphere Portal based solutions and is organized to provide IBM customers, business partners and colleagues with latest technical and strategy directions for IBM WebSphere® Portal Version 6.0.x and Lotus technologies, including extended support for Web 2.0 services, performance enhancements and new IBM Accelerator solutions that help customers to easily create a variety of SOA based composite applications, enabling faster deployment and user productivity.


surendar said...

Can u tell where to use the WAS and how