Tuesday, June 5, 2007

IBM WSRP Producer for IBM WebSphere Application Server

Recently, I heard from my colleagues Richard Jacob and Joachim Loeffel that the IBM WSRP 1.0 Producer for IBM WebSphere Application Server they have been working on has now been published to the WebSphere Portal Catalog, enabling WAS 6.1 to make JSR 168 portlets running on it available as WSRP services.

The IBM WSRP Producer for WAS is a light weight WSRP producer which can expose JSR168 portlets deployed on IBM WebSphere Application Server Version 6.1 as WSRP services. These services can be integrated into any spec-conformant WSRP Consumer like IBM WebSphere Portal Version 6, IBM WebSphere Portal Version 5.1, as well as portal products by other vendors. The WSRP Producer for IBM WebSphere Application Server is stateless (with the exception of session data) and pushes portlet customization to the WSRP Consumer (client).

The code can be downloaded from http://catalog.lotus.com/portal?NavCode=1WP1001BA

More information on WSRP can be found at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/wsrp/


Amol said...

Does IBM Web sphere supports Producer url rewriting option ?

Netconcepts said...

The problem is that the url rewrite option is still far from perfect from WebSphere. There are some third party apps that can use a proxy server and rewrite the url in search friendly ways and fix other non friendly seo problems with the page at the same time.

This could all be done in time for Christmas to actually bring in that beautiful organic traffic.

I know that Edwin Watts Golf had a custom rewrite for their old website by a man named Tim Mitchell. He did some great work over there.

Apps said...

What exactly is WSRP 1.0 Producer? Is it just a portlet which is deployed on App Server which is published using WSRP?
Is it like a Portlet which helps us to select which all Portlets (deployed on App server) needs to be published as remote portlets?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thomas Schaeck said...

The IBM WSRP Producer for WAS is a service that allows to publish portlets running on WAS as remote portlets for consumption in WSRP consumers, e.g. WebSphere Portal or others.