Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A quick glance over at Rational

Yeah, this is a WebSphere blog, but I thought this eWeek Rational article would be of interest to WebSpherians as well. It's an interview with Rational's Lee Nackman about Jazz.

Honestly, I thought the questions left a lot to be desired, as if the interviewer had not done their homework before talking to Nackman (like "When will Jazz be done?", which is like asking "When will Eclipse be done?"). In spite of the questions, there's some interesting tidbits in there. For example:

Question: You said Jazz is like a middleware layer for building collaborative tools. Can you expand on that?

Answer: The way that I like to think of it is that the Jazz platform provides a middleware layer for software development and delivery. And so the way that that's related to the ESB idea is things happen and notifications need to happen. So somebody might create some sort of a work item, and somebody might be subscribed to a feed for those kinds of work items. And how does that get transported? The nice thing for us that there is so much good collaboration technology, things like RSS feeds, that exist now that we can just exploit.

Sounds like an interesting project.