Monday, June 11, 2007

Integration of Google Gadgets in WebSphere Portal

Since a while, we have worked together with Google to create a generic portlet called "IBM Portlet for Google Gadgets" in order to easily and seamlessly integrate any Google Gadget into WebSphere Portal. We first mentioned and demoed this new integration capability at Lotusphere 2007, issued a press release more recently, and subsequently presented this new capability for WebSphere Portal at IBM Impact 2007.

The IBM Portlet for Google Gadgets is available for WebSphere Portal customers to download from here:

It allows portal administrators or users to easily select which Google Gadgets they want to integrate in portal pages using an AJAX-based user interface giving access to Google's gadget catalog. The selected gadget is then displayed on the page exactly like any local portlet and can be customized by end users like any local portlet, i.e. for end users, the integration of Google Gadgets in WebSphere Portal is seamless.

More information on this topic can be found here.