Friday, July 24, 2009

Two years of blogging, now tweeting, what is next?

I just realized that I started blogging here on June 24, 2007, two years and one month ago today. I knew blogging would take time away from writing code and doing performance work, but I gave it a shot. Wow, even I'm amazed what it has turned into.

I started using Twitter on May 6th, 2009 and usually do, on average, at least an update a day.

I showed up on Youtube for the first time in February of 2008. I started my own Youtube channel for education on technology I work on three months ago. I was recently interviews on YouTube about performance as it relates to IT operations.

I started using Facebook well before blogging/tweeting, but still keep that social network separated from work. Unless you know me outside of work, don't try to friend me. Nothing personal, but need some part of the internet that is work free.

I started using Linkedin well before blogging/tweeting. I try to connect on Linkedin with as many folks there as possible as I believe above all else, this community represents real users of technology I work on. Feel free to link to me there if you are using IBM technology or if you're interested in XML, SOA and/or performance.

What social network will we all need to support next? I personally hope it's one that unifies all of the above social networks and respects work vs. personal boundaries.


Anonymous said...

That work vs. personal space dilemma is recurring here. At some point I erased all my social network IDs and created new ones without anybody from work.

I'm not much into social networks so I don't know if there's a unifying technology but that would be nice. I'm tired of receiving invitations for new networks that I never heard of. In the end, what's the point?

Regarding Twitter I've been kind of skeptical about it. At first I jumped right in when it was launched but it started to consume too much time as I didn't know how granular my updates should be. So I burned out and erased my account. After 1 year or so I created a new account and I've been keeping it to 1 update per day in general... sometimes I get myself thinking about what's the point.