Wednesday, April 7, 2010

XML Feature Pack Available

I'm happy to announce another major update to the XML Feature Pack and its impact on our development tooling - Rational Application Developer for WebSphere.

We just released the version of the XML Feature Pack that has two major new features (as well as some small bug fixes). The two new features are:

XQuery Schema Awareness

In the initial release we had Schema Awareness for XSLT 2.0. In this release we add similar function to XQuery. Specifically this means we started to support the optional XQuery 1.0 features of schema import and schema validation. With these features you can use your own type information in XQuery programs. A common scenario would be looking for all addresses in an input document, regardless of they were "billingAddress" or "shippingAddress". Programming based on type information is a powerful concept that leads to more flexible implementations. Also, validation allows you to validate incoming documents, xml trees and whole output documents. This allows for greater reliability in your XML processing.

Debugging support for XSLT 2.0 under Rational Application Developer (RAD) for WebSphere

Previously with RAD you could debug XSLT 1.0 stylesheets. With this new release of the XML Feature Pack and with RAD you can debug XSLT 2.0 stylesheets. This isn't just about moving to a newer stylesheet level. With all the changes in the data model and advanced new concepts like grouping, there are many improvements in visualization with debugging over the XSLT 1.0 debugger.

What is also interesting is that this is a converged debugger. While there are other XSLT 2.0 debuggers out there, they only work on the stylesheet itself. With this support in RAD, you can debug not only the stylesheet, but also the Java code in your web application that invokes the XSLT engine along with any Java extension functions you might have. If you are using XSLT 2.0 in the application server, this is the tool you want for debugging end to end.

I hope to do a video demo of this Rational Application Developer functionality. Imagine setting breakpoints in XSLT as well as Java and being to jump between them. Anyone interested in seeing such a video demo?

Have fun with the new functions!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Just wondering if you did create XSLT debug demo. Thanks.

Andrew Spyker said...

@anonymous, no I didn't, but we could post some screen shots possibly if that would help. shoot me an email at and I can help ya out.