Friday, April 30, 2010

WebSphere Application Server Feature Pack for Dynamic Scripting

Lifted from Project Zero blog:

Today we announced a new feature pack for WebSphere Application Server based on WebSphere sMash. This new feature pack delivers the sMash programming model for use on entitled / current subscription WebSphere Application Server V6.1 and V7.0 servers.

Complete details can be found in the announcement letter.

When the Feature Pack becomes electronically Generally Available, downloads will be available on the official web site for WebSphere Application Server Feature Pack for Dynamic Scripting.

Also being made available through Project Zero, the sMash Enterprise Packager allows WebSphere Application Server V7 to deploy and manage sMash applications through the administrative console as an EAR file. Read more info about this and download the sMash Enterprise Packager on

Find out more about this new Feature Pack and more at IBM Impact 2010.

Based on technology from WebSphere sMash V1.1.1, the feature pack for dynamic scripting provides support for dynamic scripting languages including PHP and Groovy all the while allowing you integrate with AJAX, REST, ATOM, RSS, etc. There is also a resource model as part of the included Zero programming model that simplifies the creation of RESTful services. Want a quick way to create a Web 2.0 application in these languages .. then give this feature pack a try.