Tuesday, September 15, 2009

XML Feature Pack Thin Client Demo - Zero to running in 6 minutes

NOTE: This post is our of date. For the same demo on the released product see this link

As we announced, the latest beta release of the XML Feature Pack contains the Thin Client for XML. As well as allowing you to use this in your client applications to WebSphere Application Servers, the thin client allows for quick and easily evaluation of the technology. Here I show a quick demo of using the following simple XML, XPath, XSLT and XQuery files along with Java files to invoke them.

Demo 7 - XML Feature Pack Beta 4 Thin Client for XML

Direct Link (HD Version)

Here are the files for the demo:


Which contains (HelloXSLT.java, HelloXQuery.java, HelloXPath.java, simple.xsl, simple.xq, locations.xml)


Anonymous said...

Initially I used IE v6 to view this presentation, and the sound cut in and out. So then I used FireFox v3, and it ran fine. The content was clear and easy to follow, and it showed a good comparison between XSLT, XPath, & XQuery.

-Curt Rousse

Andrew Spyker said...


I have seen this issue. If you click on the SD link it usually doesn't glitch. However, then its harder to see the code (HD is best when showing source code). The other option is to pause the HD version to let it buffer till the end and then hit play.