Sunday, September 20, 2009

WebSphere eXtreme Scale cache provider for Dynacache

The dynamic cache engine is the default cache provider for the Dynacache APIs and frameworks. Starting WebSphere Application Server and Dynacache allows WebSphere eXtreme Scale to act as the core caching engine for Dynacache.

You can configure the dynamic cache service to use WebSphere eXtreme Scale as your cache provider instead of the default dynamic cache engine.

This provides customers the ability to leverage transactional support, improved scalability, high availability and other XTP features without making changes to their existing Dynacache caching code.

This capability can also be enabled on WAS service packs, and via APAR PK85622.



whale said...

What are the licensing requirements for this option? Is a separate extreme scale license required?



Billy Newport said...

WXS would be licensed seperately for the CPUs running the WXS servers only. The clients used by the dynacache plugin are fee so long as the WXS server JVMs are not running on the same CPUs.

Rohit Kelapure said...

More information on DynaCache and extreme Scale can be found: