Monday, January 3, 2011

Help keep posts to this blog active in 2011

Unfortunately, none of my New Year's resolutions included blogging more often. I notice that the posts on this blog have fallen to approximately once a month. That likely isn't enough to keep all our great readers interested in repeating their visits (and Google analytics confirms this for me). The idea of this blog is to get experts across the WebSphere development labs blogging about topics across the application infrastructure set of products. I'm certain I will be blogging about XML, SOA, and performance topics this year. I'm also sure you'll hear more and more about WebSphere Application Server V8.0 (the forum is very active). However, what other topics and products/technologies would you like to see talked about here? If you tell me, I'll line up the right people to blog. That is a resolution I can keep.

Happy New Year WebSphereains!


Doug said...

Here's a few suggestions:
1) Scripting. Anything and everything you can think of. Even if it's a list of suggested pointers to devWorks stuff or something that's in the InfoCenter, there's people who still view this as arcane and mystical.
2) Monitoring WebSphere performance - suggestions, hints, tips, whatever.
3) As you said, WebSphere App Server v8.0 information.
4) How Oracle's purchase of Sun impacts IBM Java and WebSphere (or, how it doesn't).
5) Effective use of the ESB / easier-to-accomplish SOA goals.
6) Last but not least, everything IMPACT that you can think of. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,

I run a very successfull blog and would like to be part of your team to write articles.

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I have some exciting projects this year and will like to share it with the readers.

Please inbox me on LinkedIn, will be great to be part of the team.

Kind Regards,
Thys Michels

Unknown said...

Andrew, et. al.

I am an IBMer and I love the blog. I point all of my clients here and suggest they subscribe. Some of the areas that I would like to hear more about are:
1. CastIron
2. Applications of the XC10 (WCS?)
3. Why CloudBurst, Who should use it, and recommendation approaches for architecture/design
4. WebSphere and Mobile computing tsunami