Friday, July 11, 2008

The TPC is working on a SOA Benchmark proposal submitted by IBM

Given the comments I made previously on SOA benchmarking, I'm happy to report that the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) has agreed to evaluate an SOA benchmark proposal submitted by IBM. You can see in the recent "Meet the TPC" working session, the TPC discussed the TPC SOA workgroup on page 8. The summary is rather high level - "Tasked to evaluate SOA benchmark proposal from IBM". I believe if this proposal is accepted with modifications by other TPC participants, customers of SOA solutions and the industry can truly benefit from the TPC's standards-based benchmarking experience and levels of customer trust. I personally will be working to make this workgroup a success, with the intent of making SOA performance as understood as hardware, database, and J2EE performance. If there are companies out there with SOA solutions, I would personally encourage them to join the TPC and participate in this or other benchmarks and workgroups. I hope to, in the future, blog about the success of this workgroup and benchmark.