Thursday, November 11, 2010

System Test Team Reports Available on developerWorks

Have you been wondering what the WebSphere system test team has been up to lately? Visit our wiki for access to our collection of test reports. The test reports document results from representative product scenarios that have been validated by IBM system test groups. They cover testing we've done with WebSphere Application Server v7.0, the v8.0 Alpha and Betas, and several Feature Packs.

For example, in a recent report, "Leverage Business Level Applications (BLA) to Improve Management and Operational Capabilities Over Stand-alone Java EE Applications", Feng Yue Li from the WebSphere system test team describes a test scenario that focused on the use of shared libraries within BLAs. She explains how she verified that shared library relationships between BLA composition units work properly when a new version of the BLA asset is rolled out and describes how command assistance can be used with BLAs.

In another recent report, "Test Infrastructure: OSGi FeP and JEE applications", tester Tam Dinh outlines a scenario in which the WebSphere system team deployed, exercised and stressed WebSphere Application Server V7.0 OSGi Feature Pack using three OSGi applications and three JEE applications in a WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment cell.

We'd like to hear your feedback about our work and your ideas about how our testing can be improved. Visit our developerWorks test team wiki and let us know what you think.