Friday, February 27, 2009

SCA Whitepapers

I just wanted to give this community a pointer to some interesting new content that my team has produced and published at IBM developerWorks regarding the first delivery of Open SCA technology in a WebSphere Application Server form factor.

Part 1: Overview of Service Component Architecture
Part 2: Policy Sets for Service Component Architecture
Part 3: Policy and Intents for Service Component Architecture
Part 4: Java Annotations and Component Implementations

We are looking at other topics at extending this Open SCA dialogue at developerWorks and I'm happy to get your feedback, hate mail or other comments back either via this forum, developerWorks or you can even send your flames directly to my email address:

Our team is also looking at compelling user stories as follow on work and while I could not commit to our delivery of any code or beta's in the future, if you're interested in giving us stakeholder feedback, I would love to talk to you. We have had some interesting feedback on what we've delivered already and look forward to help making this technology a compelling SOA tool for our customers.