Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Joint WAS XML Feature Pack and DB2 pureXML Article on FpML Lives

I've mentioned this work a few times on the blog, so I wanted to make sure people saw the final article on DeveloperWorks.

Programming XML across the multiple tiers, Part 2: Write efficient Java EE applications that exploit an XML database server

This article uses the example of Financial Products Markup Language (FpML) to show how to program realistic native XML across the Application Server and DB2 pureXML. It shows how you can use one consistent programming model (XQuery) and one consistent data model (XML) across data access, transformation, and filtering across both the mid tier and database tier. Using this one data model which doesn't require mapping to Java objects should increase the agility of your XML centric applications as no mapping code needs to be generated or maintained across both tiers.

Even though the article is based upon FpML (which is really useful to the financial sector), the concept is applicable to all industries that have substantial amounts of XML data.

The article has code attached (both a Rational Application Developer ear project and Eclipse/ANT builds) and database load scripts, so you can play with the code to see how it works. All you need to do is define the JDBC resources to point to your DB2 instance. I also have a virtual image for this based upon the free of charge WebSphere Application Server For Developers and DB2 Express-C in case you're interested.


http://www.websphererad.blogspot.com/ said...

Thanks for the very informative article,it will help to all who deal with XMLs. but do we have something with Oracle on FpML

Andrew Spyker said...

@Rajiv (websphererad)

I believe Oracle can store FpML, but personally I've seen some pretty severe issues with the SQLXML support in their JDBC driver. Seems to work if you send the data as BLOB's but not natively as SQLXML. Hope they fix that.