Monday, March 29, 2010

IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.0 Alpha

The WebSphere Application Server team is proud to announce the availability of the IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.0 Alpha.

Building upon the capabilities of our previous releases, some of the Alpha features include:
  • Key portions of Java™ Enterprise Edition 6.0 specifications

  • Increased developer productivity

  • Simplified product install with integrated prerequisite and interdependency checking

  • Enhanced security and governance capabilities

  • JPA L2 cache and JPA L2 cache integration with DynaCache

  • High Performance Extensible Logging

Our architects, designers, engineers, testers, information developers, and user experience professionals are eager to participate with you in the Alpha forum, discussing what's new, learning about your experiences with all aspects of the product, and answering questions.

Also, the WebSphere Customer Experience Program (CEP) offers opportunities for interactive sessions with our development teams, including demos of potential new features and opportunities to provide feedback that we can use to drive improvements into each version of the product.

More details about the Alpha program, how to download the product, and the CEP program can be found here:

And, here's a link to the Alpha forum:

We're looking forward to hearing from you about your experiences with the IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.0 Alpha.



Ilango said...

I was wondering if WebSphere 8 has support for the new Servlet 3.0 API.
My intention is to run Servlet 3.0 servlets on WebSphere that can at the same time run in a Servlet 3.0 supported container like Jetty 8 or Tomcat 7.

Andrew Spyker said...