Friday, January 22, 2010

Service Component Architecture

It's been way too long for an update on SCA in WebSphere, but wanted to let you know that not only did we release our 1.0.1 refresh of the SCA Feature Pack for WebSphere V7, but our team has also been creating collateral to support developers get started with Open SCA. The feature pack is available for V7 deployments here. I've blogged several times about the features that were added, so you can look at earlier posts in this blog for a good summary if you so desire.

The WebSphere team has been busy at developerworks refreshing and adding articles regarding Open SCA -- Exploring the WebSphere Application Server Feature Pack for SCA:
  1. Part 1: An overview of the Service Component Architecture feature pack
  2. Part 2: Web services policy sets
  3. Part 3: Intents and policies available in the SCA feature pack
  4. Part 4: SCA Java annotations and component implementation
  5. Part 5: Protocol bindings for Service Component Architecture services
  6. Part 6: Using Spring with Service Component Architecture
  7. Part 7: Using Atom and JSON-RPC for Web 2.0 support

IBM Education Assistant has also been enriched with SCA collateral and you can get started here. If you never have seen Education Assistant before, you're missing out on a great resource!

We welcome your comments about the papers themselves, collateral, or the feature pack itself.

Steve Kinder