Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Join me at Impact 2008 to discuss SOA Performance

I will be speaking on SOA performance at Impact 2008, the Smart SOA Conference, in Las Vegas in April. Please join me there at my session on Wednesday. The abstract for my session (1446A):

This session will discuss SOA performance as it relates to the IBM WebSphere® portfolio. The portfolio view will begin with runtime aspects including basic Web services (including the new Web Services Feature Pack). The runtime aspect focus will continue and build to choreographing and integrating these services across IBM WebSphere Process Server, WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus, WebSphere Message Broker, and the WebSphere DataPower® SOA appliance. The portfolio view will then focus on the SOA lifecycle, business activity monitoring and situation detection, and governance covering WebSphere Business Monitor and the WebSphere Service Registry and Repository. In addition, historical views on SOA performance will describe how performance has improved over the past two years. Finally, the session will discuss best performance practices when implementing SOA solutions.

I was also lucky enough to be included in a set of videos "On the Road to Impact" along with Kyle Brown on Event Processing and Ruth Willenborg on Virtualization. Go ahead and watch the videos and feel free to comment.


SOA MARY said...

Andrew's session will be one of the highlights of IMPACT 2008.
To see other speaker preview videos, check out:

Also of note, IBM recently announced the Innov8 Smart SOA™ Challenge. Customers can challenge their Smart SOA skills for a chance to win (what else?) - a smart® car! Smart cars are known for their fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Learn more at:

Here's how it works - customer and Business Partner attendees will get one chance to play the Innov8 Smart SOA Challenge. The objective is to answer the greatest number of Smart SOA questions correctly in the shortest amount of time and win a smart fortwo® car. Leader names and scores will be showcased on monitors around the Impact 2008 conference so all can watch the progress of the Smart SOA winner! Rules and restrictions apply, so check the IBM IMPACT website to determine eligiblity to win.