Tuesday, July 10, 2007

EJB3 Beta program

The EJB3 feature pack for WAS V6.1 is now entering beta, and can be downloaded from IBM's Early Program site.

I've mentioned the Web Services feature pack below. As you'd expect, the EJB3 feature pack follows the same idea - an optionally installable add-on that provides support for EJB3 applications.


Tom said...

So the obvious question is, of course, "when will this be production quality?" We want JEE5 but, as most WebSphere users, can't deploy beta software to our production systems.

Steve Kinder said...

Certainly each feature pack has it own set of parameters and business objectives. The Web Services Feature Pack is already generally available and while there are some documented restrictions, it is considered "production ready."

The EJB3 Feature Pack beta program is just that, a beta level of code and is not suitable for production usage. Having said that, it is also outside IBM's general policy to comment on general availability of products for a myriad of legal issues. There are crazy governmental regulations brought on by scandals like Enron that make use bend over backwards to not tell our plans until we can basically guarantee those are our plans. I'm not sure what else I can legally say except, we're working on it and we certainly understand the need for production level EJB3 code. :-)

I'm sure a post will wind up here on these blogs if and when it does go GA on V6.1.

Tom said...

Understood :)

We're all looking forward to it.

Thanks Steve.