Friday, May 25, 2007

Jython scripting improvements in WAS V6.1

Two things we hear all the time from customers:

1. Scripting is used extensively and sometimes exclusively for managing production environments. In many shops, scripting is the primary interface to the WAS product.

2. Scripting is hard.

In WAS V6.1, we took a major step forward in improving the user experience for scripting by adding a Jython editor to the Application Server Toolkit, that provides the type of "code assist" that developers have come to expect in other languages.

I'm compelled to note that the script editor does not support Jacl. We're encouraging customers to move from Jacl to Jython, and this Jython editor is one way to encourage that movement.


Kleber Carvalho said...

Hi Terry Bleizeffer

I have heard a plenty of information about script languages such as JPhyton, JRuby and Groovy nowadays.

I really don't know as developer what script language should I learn.

Do you have any clue ?

If you can, write to us what script language the WebSphere team advise to us.


Terry Bleizeffer said...

WAS supports Jython and Jacl, but we're encouraging people to use Jython. If you have existing Jacl scripts, we have tools to help you migrate them to Jython.